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  1. Esthefany says:

    Hi Amanda,Thanks for visiting the site. The yarn you’ve menoitned below is bulky weight. The yarn I used is Aran weight. See below. Notice the knit gauge. You should be able to use the yarn you’ve selected and the needles you’ve chosen if you cast on fewer stitches; however, that will mean the pattern will have to be altered. Since I did not knit a swatch, I can’t make a perfect suggestion. Your yarn may knit up nicely using the pattern with smaller needles (size 7). See Ravelry Standard Yarn WeightsAran 10 ply / 8 wraps per inch / Knit gauge (4 in / 10 cm) 18 stitches / Yarn Standard 4:MediumBulky 12 ply / 7 wraps per inch / Knit gauge (4 in / 10 cm) 14-15 stitches / Yarn Standard 5:Bulky

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