Things are Happening

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  1. Dayana says:

    October:  What a month. It was mine and Derek’s 1 year anniversary This was a bittersweet  I didn’t get the acngkwlednemeot I had hoped for, I guess I’m still  a hopeless romantic.  Worse part of the month, was I was let go from my job that I liked.  Apparently I couldn’t handle it according to the owners.  They felt they needed a stronger server and with the possibility that they will be closing I was the last to hire and the first to go.  Also with October came the first Northstar Roller Derby Bout   Big Top Derby

  2. Hi Dusty — You and the children are on my mind daily. I can’t imagine what October was for you as you celebrated the kids’ birthdays without Lindy. I will continue to hold you all in my heart as you face the holiday season as well, trying to balance the celebrations in life with the grief that sometimes feels overpowering. Praying for sustained peace and comfort, always.

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