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Tri, Tri Again

This past holiday weekend, I competed in my third ever, second individual triathlon. Each race has been such a tremendous learning experience for me. Those of you who know me are probably laughing at the idea of me participating in any sort of race, much less one that includes swimming, biking *and* running all on the same day.

The fact is, I signed up for my first one to prove a point. I’ve never been the athletic one in my family. As a kid I participated in swim team, but was never overly impressive. It didn’t help that my family is a bit competitive, and once my sister aged up into my group and kicked my butt on a regular basis, I decided it wasn’t worth the damage to my self esteem.

That was 10 years ago. Since then I’ve done social dance, marching band, and go on the occasional hike, but that’s it. That was all I needed. Recently though, fit is in. Athletic is in. And yes, I am shallow and superficial enough to start working out because it’s “in.” Hey, at least I’m aware enough to realize that.

My first race was just to prove I could do it, that I wasn’t a complete couch potato, and then call it a day. As a warm-up to the first race though, my mother suggested we do one as a relay, so that she could try out swimming in open water. Sure, whatever, how hard could it be? HA. That bike route was extremely difficult. It was the worst idea I’ve ever had.

After completing my first race though, I realized I enjoyed it. Sure I hated the training and getting hot and sweaty and sore 5 days a week, but the feeling of completing a race like that was really empowering.

So I decided to do another. Now, I will be the first to admit that I hardly trained for this one. We had a huge move, my bike is in storage, I’m still trying to figure out coordinating workouts with having an infant around, and I’ve been pretty inactive since halfway through my pregnancy. I didn’t finish this one in under 2 hours, but I finished it. Not only that, but I swam the whole thing without stopping, I only got off the bike once and that was to fix my brakes, and while I walked half of the 5k, I did push myself on the runs with it. I am proud of myself for not backing out; for proving to myself that even though I’m not the best, I’m better than I think; and that exercise can be fun, once you get past all the sweatiness, pain, and let’s face it, total boredom of being alone with your thoughts for 2 hours.

Now for pictures!

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This post is going to be me tooting my own horn, so fair warning. 

I mentioned in some previous posts that my mother got it into her head that we should sign up for a triathlon. Now, I haven’t done sports since I was 14 (aside from the occasional softball or broomball game in college); and my mom has never been super athletic. Getting ready to do a triathlon in 4 months? That is insanity, and I told her so. But she was adamant, so I signed up with her.

After 16 weeks, thousands of yards swam, tens of miles biked and miles run, we did it. We competed in and finished the Sandy Hook, NJ sprint triathlon.











Getting ready to swim! That’s me and my mom. She was a huge inspiration through all of this.







Woo bike ride!







Finish strong! Or at least finish with jazz hands.


1294393_10105075619195334_375595324_o (1)






family friend, myself, mom, and my goofy husband photobombing.








It was a crazy experience, but I am so glad we did it. Our goal this year was just to finish. The swim was insane- there were white caps on the waves by the time my group started the swim. That really weeded out a lot of people this year. The bike and run were much tougher than I anticipated, mostly because the swim took a lot more effort because of the conditions. But I finished in less than two hours! I am still on a race high almost a week later.  In fact, we are now planning our races for next year!

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Jack of all Trades…

That’s how I’m feeling these days. I spent the other morning wondering where my time went, that all of a sudden summer was over, there were no new blog posts, and I felt like I had accomplished so little.  

Last week my stepdaughter asked me what I was knitting. I told her it was a sample for a class I am going to teach this fall. She knew I was going to school, so here she goes “OH! You’re the teacher, not a student!” Trying to explain to her that I am both (I am going for my master’s in the evenings) was confusing for both of us. It got me thinking, though. It’s no wonder I feel as if I have no time, and that nothing is accomplished. I’m wearing too many hats!

I work all day as a geologist. Two days a week, I then go straight to campus to get a swim in before my 3 hour class. One day a week I typically teach a knitting class at my local Joann Fabrics. One day a week I tutor a friend in the evenings in Calculus. And in between all of that? I am training for a triathalon. (Which is THIS SATURDAY! by the way. Not that I am panicking or anything).

And then, amidst ALL of that (because that is enough to wear out anybody); I am working on my side business creating project bags, yoga bags, and knitting patterns. All while also spending most of the summer as a new parent of a 6 year old, and still attempting to cook all of our dinners, shop local, play with my stepdaughter, and teach her awesome things like knitting and sewing and why quiet time is sometimes nice. 

So my goal: Blog once a week. If I do more, great! But I think we can all agree that right now, I have a lot going on, and punishing myself for not blogging enough won’t help anything.

Next time I post, I’ll have some fun photos. For now, I have to get ready for my tutoring session. :)

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