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How Sweet it is

To have a project that takes only 5 hours from start to finish. I  am fairly new to sewing. I made a wall hanging about 15 years ago with my grandmother one summer, and a fleece jacket one Christmas, but that was about the extent of my skills. Three years ago that same grandmother gave me my current machine, and I hated to let something  just sit around rusting from disuse. So my goal this year was to start sewing a lot more of my clothes/decorations/etc.

Over Christmas I bought “More Retro Aprons” and decided I should try one. I have also been doing a lot of experimenting with bread  baking, and learned quickly that flour and pretty much any clothing don’t go well together. I need to wear an apron. Store bought ones nowadays are always so boring, so I figured why not make one? They can’t be too difficult, right?

Now that the wedding is over I can finally sit down and focus on all the crafting I have wanted to do. I decided to start out with an apron this weekend. I bought some novelty print cotton at Joanns, and got to work.

The fabric is less yellow in actuality. It’s been gloomy here again this week, so it was difficult to take a photo with accurate color.

I also picked a coordinating green for the ties and ruffles on this apron. For this being my first ever project with ruffles, I will say it went a lot better than I anticipated. It was kind of fun tugging on the basting thread to make the gathers!

Anyway, a review of this pattern. I did style B from the pattern book and omitted the accent fabric for bias tape and trim. I also got rid of the pocket- it was in an awkward place on the chest. In hindsight, I would like a pocket further down on the apron. I may go back and add one, just to have it. We’ll see. The pattern itself was extremely easy to follow. I am notorious for making mistakes and having to rip back and redo something, and that didn’t happen at all here.  Everything was very straightforward and clearly illustrated. Definitely worth the money.

And here’s the final product! Not perfect, but pretty darn good considering my skills. I am very proud of this, and am thinking of making a matching one for my sister. The project only took about 5 hours from start to finish, and was so much fun the entire time. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for feminine apron patterns.


I am not sure what my next sewing project will be- I may go look through my Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders book and find something small and cute in there to entertain me until I can get the fabric for my next big project.

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Let The Sun Shine

Because it won’t wake us up at 6am anymore! My most recent finished product is a set of curtains for our bedroom. One of our windows faces due east, and as summer sneaks up on us the light keeps waking me up earlier and earlier. But no longer!











The fabric was basic quilting cotton from Joann’s. We don’t have much in the way of fabric stores nearby, and this does the job. There was no pattern used, I just collected some tips from other curtain patterns and then went off on my own. I think they turned out nicely considering my lack of experience.

These were made using my Singer Touch N Sew 603E. This machine was my great-great aunt’s, and is at least 60 years old, but it still works like a dream. I hope this machine never dies. I don’t know what I’d do without it.









In my spare time the past few weeks I have been busy restoring a 1919 Singer 66 machine. I will post pictures and a blog attempting to chronicle my attempts to make it usable again. I have also been knitting, I swear! it’s just not very interesting right now. I’ll try and get a photo and make it as entertaining as possible.

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2011 in review

Sometimes I feel really bad about having this blog, since I absolutely never update. I keep saying I will, but that seems to only last for about a week before the drive disappears again. So New Year’s resolution: To actively document all my crafting and learning, and use this blog as a way to document it. Maybe if I view it more like my own personal scrapbook, it will get some more attention.

So to begin, Let’s start with a look back at 2011, in terms of Things I’ve Made.

Almost exactly one year ago, I decided the only response to a snowstorm was to knit cowls. How could knitting a cowl not help when it’s snowing out, right?

So I knit two very basic cowls, just to give me something to do.

February saw lots of knitting on a secret project, but it really just looked like a giant white blob at the time, so we’ll skip it for now.

March was filled with lots of creativity! I joined a “hand/homemade” swap, and needed something cute to send to my swappee. So I busted out my Great-Great Aunt’s old Singer 600 sewing machine, knit a drawstring bag and sewed a lining into it. The lining fabric was just a cheap cotton in an easter print, but very cheerful and cute.









My coworker was expecting his first child in the spring of 2011, so I figured this was a perfect opportunity to knit a baby sweater pattern I had been drooling over. This is “Baby Yours” by the Yarn Harlot. The pattern was adorable, but I think next time I might knit it all in one piece. If it’s going on a baby anyway, I’m sure the kid won’t mind that the structural integrity is a little wonky.

( I apologize for the poor picture. I was running on a deadline, and didn’t have time to wait for good lighting).

Over the summer I knit nothing except my wedding veil. I knit it out of Knit Picks gloss in white, 1600m. Here is the veil progress through 2011, with the exception of blocking photos. I didn’t block it, so I have no proof. I’ll need to get a photo of it sometime before the wedding.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t partake in other crafts! I decided it was time to give my great-great aunt’s machine a solid run, and sewed a dress to wear on my trip out to Japan in June. I originally cut the dress WAY too large, and ended up having to dismantle, recut, and resew the entire thing. I still love the final product though. It’s so nice and cheery, perfect for a sub-tropical island.

Okinawa Aquarium
(Ignore the wrinkles. It had just survived 48 hours of straight traveling).

This fall I needed a quick project to work on when I got tired of the veil. The perfect project for me is of course, the trilobite hat.This took just a few hours to knit up, and is perfect for any north-midwest geologist or paleontologist. I love this hat. I even knit it up with my own handspun merino.









Of course, what year would be complete without a pair of socks for J? He now officially has more handknit socks than I do. I have threatened not to knit him another pair until I have some, too!

I also knit a pair of mittens for a friend who got halfway through one, and realized she despised colorwork. These were a blast to knit, and I wish I could have kept them for myself! Pattern is Mystery + Manners by SpillyJane.
Mystery manners mitts

















Unfortunately, I was laid off at the beginning of November this past year, so I had to get a bit creative with Christmas gifts. My soon-to-be niece and nephew each received quillows. Unfortunately, I only took a photo of hers, and it’s not even a completed photo!
Natalie's quillow

J received a pair of pajama pants, but convincing him to pose in pj’s for a photo is like trying to convince a cat that baths are really lots of fun.

Finally, my dear friend JL received a pair of her own pajama pants, in a cat print. I will argue that the print is upside down because this way the cats are looking up at her, but it’s really because I get excited and rushed through making them without thinking. Whoops.
PJ pants

And there is 2011 in sewing and knitting projects! My goal for 2012 is to use my sewing machine more to create clothing for myself and J, and to push my personal limits with my knitting abilities.

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