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Back again!

I’m finally back. These past few weeks have had many ups and downs – and most of the downs are something I was not expecting to deal with, and hope to not face again any time soon. It’s been a rough entry to summer, but I think as a household we are finally finding a groove.

We still aren’t in “our” house yet, and are in a temporary home. It’s nice, but living in a place with not your furniture, and not your appliances can get a bit wearing after a while. We should be in our house by the end of the month, with all of our stuff back. Yay!

This weekend we finally had a gorgeous day, and nothing to do, so we decided to check out a nearby state park. We took both kids hiking up two of the more popular overlooks, and I attempted to make this a learning experience for A. Hey, when a kid asks a geologist why a rock looks a certain way, who can resist? I also ran around trying to get photos of interesting mushrooms. I know the white ones are sometimes called “Indian Pipe” but I’m not sure about the rest. I’ll have to look them up.

Next post, I’ll share my experience in my second ever triathlon!

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The Princess Paradox


Photo courtesy of Jennie Park Photography

This morning as I was nursing my son, my stepdaughter turned on Disney Junior. It was early, and I was too tired to argue about watching tv first thing in the morning, so I let her. Plus. the show looked decent enough.

What did she turn on? “Princess Sophia.” Apparently this show follows a fictional princess through dealings with her family, going to princess school, and learning what it means to be a princess. No big deal, right? Well, to premise of today’s episode was summed up in a single line from one of the teacher’s at princess school- “A good princess helps others, no matter how important something she wants to do is.”


So to be a princess, little girls should always put others first, no matter what? No wonder women in the corporate environment (and in general) are expected to be passive and agreeable- that’s what we’ve been training them to be!

Parents and grandparents walk around calling their daughters and granddaughters princesses, and surround them will all kinds of images of Disney  characters that personify this. The phrase “That’s not what princesses do” or “Would a princess do that?” seems to be thrown at female children regularly. And what do princesses do? They are quiet, well behaved, don’t act out, don’t interrupt, don’t get dirty, and apparently put others needs before their own, no matter what.

Then when they grow up, they get frustrated because they are always doing for other people, always putting their needs second, always being polite and not causing waves or upsetting people, and what does that create? Unhappy adults who get frustrated and burnt out. They get frustrated that they aren’t respected at work, angry that they seem responsible for everyone’s happiness at home, and feel guilty for occasionally wanting to take time/resources to do something they want to do.

This is not what I want for my children. I want them to explore everything- explore sounds and activities and nature and science and be silly. You know- like a *kid*. While helping others and being considerate of those around us, I don’t want my children to think that women should sacrifice everything for the needs of others. Sometimes, their own needs or desires come first. I don’t want my daughters growing up with a princess complex, and I don’t want my sons growing up to expect women to “act like a princess.”

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