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How Sweet it is

To have a project that takes only 5 hours from start to finish. I  am fairly new to sewing. I made a wall hanging about 15 years ago with my grandmother one summer, and a fleece jacket one Christmas, but that was about the extent of my skills. Three years ago that same grandmother gave me my current machine, and I hated to let something  just sit around rusting from disuse. So my goal this year was to start sewing a lot more of my clothes/decorations/etc.

Over Christmas I bought “More Retro Aprons” and decided I should try one. I have also been doing a lot of experimenting with bread  baking, and learned quickly that flour and pretty much any clothing don’t go well together. I need to wear an apron. Store bought ones nowadays are always so boring, so I figured why not make one? They can’t be too difficult, right?

Now that the wedding is over I can finally sit down and focus on all the crafting I have wanted to do. I decided to start out with an apron this weekend. I bought some novelty print cotton at Joanns, and got to work.

The fabric is less yellow in actuality. It’s been gloomy here again this week, so it was difficult to take a photo with accurate color.

I also picked a coordinating green for the ties and ruffles on this apron. For this being my first ever project with ruffles, I will say it went a lot better than I anticipated. It was kind of fun tugging on the basting thread to make the gathers!

Anyway, a review of this pattern. I did style B from the pattern book and omitted the accent fabric for bias tape and trim. I also got rid of the pocket- it was in an awkward place on the chest. In hindsight, I would like a pocket further down on the apron. I may go back and add one, just to have it. We’ll see. The pattern itself was extremely easy to follow. I am notorious for making mistakes and having to rip back and redo something, and that didn’t happen at all here.  Everything was very straightforward and clearly illustrated. Definitely worth the money.

And here’s the final product! Not perfect, but pretty darn good considering my skills. I am very proud of this, and am thinking of making a matching one for my sister. The project only took about 5 hours from start to finish, and was so much fun the entire time. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for feminine apron patterns.


I am not sure what my next sewing project will be- I may go look through my Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders book and find something small and cute in there to entertain me until I can get the fabric for my next big project.

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