So Much Time…

And yet I have gotten so little done this week. 

I am currently dividing my time between working full-time and taking classes for my Master’s program part-time in the evenings. This week is spring break- a week I have been looking forward to for months now. I planned out all the things I would get made, all the housework I would get done, and the baking. Oh, the baking I would do.

Unfortunately, none of that seems to have happened. Oh I got some things done. I am finally caught up on laundry (for a day), and we got floors mopped and couches cleaned and vacuumed. my craft area has been organized for the first time in weeks, and I have gone to bed at a reasonable hour, but my crafting doesn’t seem to be benefiting from this extra time at all. It seems I’m convinced that spring break days have more hours than normal days. Apparently that’s not true? Hm. Someone needs to work on that for me.

I have been working slowly on J’s sock. The heel has been turned, and I am now working on the gusset. I did get one bag sewn and listed for sale on my website, but that is it. Work has stepped up so much this week that by the time I get home, I need something brainless to do. 

I do want to share something exciting. This past weekend was mine and J’s first wedding anniversary. We decided that each year, we will exchange traditional gifts. My gift to J was a print of the original Star Trek Enterprise, shaped out of quotes from the show. 

His gift to me? He has been secretly scanning all of my knitting magazines. Every single one of them. I have been collecting magazines from two subscriptions for 5 years now, plus random older issues or different companies here and there from swaps. It must be about 40 or 50 magazines, and each one takes him two hours to do. How amazingly sweet is that gift?! I knew I chose well. ;)

This weekend we are heading once again to the lake. Spinning has been seriously ignored by me lately, so my plan is to only take spinning and knitting with me this weekend. No homework, no sewing, just yarny stuff. 

What activities do you look forward to when you get extra time off?

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