Quick Question

I promise more substantial blogging tonight. But right now, important question:

would you pay someone to design a personalized pattern? (nothing like a sweater, etc. but maybe a shawl, or hat, or socks, to your specifications). This would be for those that have an idea, but just cannot translate it to a design.

secondly: would you pay someone to knit a pattern designed personally for you? ( for example, a hat of a favorite sports team). This would obviously be more costly, but I think would be worth the cost for something totally unique and 100% personalized.

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2 Responses to Quick Question

  1. Misty says:

    For me it all depends on the cost. While I'd love to have things I guess I'm not fluid enough to pay a high-to-me cost.

    I tried to learn how to knit, quite unsuccessfully. Maybe I'll try again this winter. :)

  2. geoknitter says:

    that's what I figure-for most people the product just isn't worth the cost. Most people can't afford custom-made anything, really. I guess a follow-up question would be: what would your breaking point be for certain items? (generic 'you', not necessarily specific 'you')

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