My days are really long…

ok, so it’s not a next day posting, but it’s better than 4 months, right? So, today’s category of knitting recap: Ravelympics 2010!!

I entered a few projects and only completed 2. That’s ok though, because the other 2 will get finished this week. I am just happy to have project lives shorter than a year and a half (I’m looking at you, Arwen).

First, The Boy wanted some fingerless mitts for the winter. Now, since the olympics started in February, this seemed a bit odd timing, but what the heck. I took a simple fingerless pattern and added a scarlet stripe flanked by two grey ones.

Secondly, I knit him some washcloths to match his bathroom scheme. (what? washcloths are simple, and I’m lazy!) Here is the finished Star Trek Badge washcloth, knit in 100% pima cotton.

I got halfway through the Heather Hoodie Vest, and some colorwork mittens.

In non-knitting news, check out what else I’ve been spending my time doing!

Here is our first- ever attempt at making sushi- we cooked some salmon since we couldn’t find sushi grade that day. It turned out delicious! We were proud. We’ve also been taking to making our own ethnic cuisines, or just trying some interesting side dishes. Over the next year I hope to broaden my culinary skills significantly.

The next few weeks are going to be busy- and not a fun busy, unfortunately. June 1st The Boy moves out of his apartment, and June 23rd he’s leaving for a 1 year tour in Japan. I am busy trying to save up to visit him at least once, but it seems fate doesn’t agree with this plan. Oh well, we’ll see.

In other news, does anyone have recommendations for some summer knitting? after the hoodie vest, I need a lightweight project.  :)

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