In Preparation…

For the big Maryland Sheep and Wool festival, I cast on a new sock last week (to validate buying an extra skein of sock yarn while I am there of course). It is the Blackrose Sock from Winter 2008 Knitty. I am using my Claudia Handpainted ‘Cabin Fever’ yarn my parents gave me for Christmas. I love her yarns, and her colorways are so beautiful!

Considering the very little knitting time I have gotten lately, I have made good progress. We are about to turn the heel on the first sock. I love this pattern. The lace is easy enough, but also challenging enough to keep my attention for more than ten minutes.

In other news, the puppies are here for the weekend! My dogs are temporarily living two hours away with family, since we are currently renting and aren’t allowed to have them in the house with us. We get visiting rights.

Aunt Marie is coming out tomorrow evening to go to MS&W with me. She is the woman who interested me in knitting to begin with, and so I love going to these things with her. That does mean a lot of housecleaning before she arrives though…

Oh! I almost forgot! Rubberhoar meet-up on Saturday! I cannot wait to meet some of those horribly mean ladies in person! (yes, that is the highlight of my trip there…)

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