This post is going to be me tooting my own horn, so fair warning. 

I mentioned in some previous posts that my mother got it into her head that we should sign up for a triathlon. Now, I haven’t done sports since I was 14 (aside from the occasional softball or broomball game in college); and my mom has never been super athletic. Getting ready to do a triathlon in 4 months? That is insanity, and I told her so. But she was adamant, so I signed up with her.

After 16 weeks, thousands of yards swam, tens of miles biked and miles run, we did it. We competed in and finished the Sandy Hook, NJ sprint triathlon.











Getting ready to swim! That’s me and my mom. She was a huge inspiration through all of this.







Woo bike ride!







Finish strong! Or at least finish with jazz hands.


1294393_10105075619195334_375595324_o (1)






family friend, myself, mom, and my goofy husband photobombing.








It was a crazy experience, but I am so glad we did it. Our goal this year was just to finish. The swim was insane- there were white caps on the waves by the time my group started the swim. That really weeded out a lot of people this year. The bike and run were much tougher than I anticipated, mostly because the swim took a lot more effort because of the conditions. But I finished in less than two hours! I am still on a race high almost a week later.  In fact, we are now planning our races for next year!

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