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Things are Happening

They just aren’t getting blogged very regularly. SD arrived two weeks ago, and we’ve been busy running around to her activities, and entertaining screaming 7 year old girls in our house most evenings.

Needless to say, things have been hectic lately. Add that on top of crazy fieldwork, and it’s been easy to feel overwhelmed. To combat that, I decided we should take a spontaneous trip to the lake- no work, no computers, just enjoying early summer in the mountains. We had amazing weather for it, and it was great to just relax and enjoy nature for a bit.


It was fantastic coming back from a weekend like this. I feel more refreshed than I have in a long time. Even better? We head back up at the end of this week! This time we’re hoping the wild blueberries are ripe when we arrive.

Someone has also decided she wants riding lessons. She’s had two now, and looks like a natural in the saddle. I’m so proud of her. Best part is, it’s something she really wants to do and looks forward to. Her pony’s name is Buddy, and he reminds me of some stubborn ponies I’ve ridden in the past. She’s already been working on trot on the lunge line during her lessons. She rides around with the biggest grin on her face- I’m surprised her cheeks aren’t aching by the end! Below are some photos and a video of her riding.

Of course, this means there is little progress for me to show you on my other endeavors. I’ve just finished one sweater for baby-to-be, and am working on one for a friend. I also just picked up a huge box of blueberries, so next time I should have a tutorial on making blueberry jam.

What fun things do you have planned this summer?

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This past weekend, I hosted a trunk show for my business. I set up on the front patio of my local yarn store on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day- not too hot, just enough of a breeze, and sunny. The store currently carries only one size of bags that I make, so I loved having the opportunity to showcase a wider range of sizes, plus introduce new items. Overall it was a very productive day, and I am glad I did it.

Here was the set-up:










Here are the large box bags and drawstring bags. These large bags are amazing- I can fit a completed adult men’s sweater in one! These are nice for those large projects. The photo on the right is notion pouches, DPN holders, and needle rolls. These were all brand new items, and I loved having the chance to show them off.

These next two photos are just an overview of the set-up. A really cute location, and a ton of fun to do.






Now on to some more fun personal stuff!

20140526_124128 20140531_131346

First up is shawl progress. We had such gorgeous weather a few weekends ago that I spent the afternoon on our patio knitting. This of course involved lunch on the patio, too. We eat nothing but the best here- mystery meat in a tube. The shawl is complete, with a few modifications. I didn’t do the lace edging, and instead did a garter stitch border. I wish I had more mats so I could have blocked it a bit more vigorously, but it is still pretty generously sized. I am so madly in love with the fiber and color that I am tempted to buy another 8oz and spin some more.

20140526_181339 DSC02616


I also went on a baking kick. This was a rosemary potato bread recipe I’ve had for a while, but never tried. This came out exactly like the Wegman’s rosemary-sea salt bread. It was delicious, and gone within a few days. I couldn’t believe how large the two loaves were going to be- these things proofed out huge!

DSC02615 20140526_152156

Then it was pie time. Blueberries aren’t quite in season here yet, but they are on sale at the grocery stores, so we decided it was time for blueberry pie. It’s my basic pie recipe- baked shell, with the hot filling poured in and then chilled. It takes 15 minutes, start to finish, and is always a hit.


I will say, all of this activity seemed to wear someone out. She tried to help as much as possible (read: get underfoot and then be cranky when she accidentally got kicked); but finally resigned herself to napping over by my wheel.




And what would this be without a photo of my current WIP?


That right there is 21 weeks. I feel so much larger than I look! He is becoming quite active- the kicks are visible now, and half the time it feels like an alien is trying to burst out of me. We are officially past the halfway point! I guess this means we should start working on putting together a nursery…or planning a nursery…

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