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Not Much Going On

And b ack again. Once a week(ish) is still better than my previous average of once a quarter. Things are getting a bit hectic over the next few weeks- wrapping up the semester, traveling for a wedding and balancing work is going to be difficult at best. The sewing looks like it may be limited to just 2-3 bags a week while I get everything sorted out in my life. Luckily my classes this summer are online, so there’s a bit more flexibility coming my way.

Flexibility is good, considering I signed up to run (and bike and swim) a sprint triathalon this fall. I tried to talk my mother out of doing it, but somehow that plan backfired and next thing I know, I’m registered and bought a bike! The things we do for our parents. This should be really great for us though. It’s giving my mom something to work towards that’s for HER. Not her job, not her family. Something she is doing for her.

This is my bike. It’s not a tri- or road bike, it’s a hybrid/comfort bike. I figure I probably won’t do a whole lot of triathalons, so I might as well get something I enjoy riding at the lake or at home. It’s lacking a kickstand though…has anyone ever had a bike show up without a kickstand? Anyway, it shouldn’t be too hard to get one for it. I got it for $300- not bad, and let’s be honest. Crappier bikes are going for not much less.

The only things I completed this weekend were a custom order project bag for a good friend and a prototype hairpiece for my great-aunt. That hairpiece kills me. It took me 3 tries, and while

it’s workable now, it’s still not perfect. But how do you turn down a great-aunt?!DSC02092DSC02091







The project bag was simple enough- same fabric as a drawstring bag, but this one is 8” with a handle instead of drawstrings. You can also see my new label inside it! I forgot to attach the hang-label to a seam, so I cut it in half and hand sewed it onto the lining. It doesn’t look great though, so next time I’ll make sure to get the tag put in properly!











That reminds me- do you prefer a hang tag on items, or a sewn in woven label? I’m torn. The hang tags are cheap and nice, but they are too large for a few of my projects, and I worry it might make them look cheap. Thoughts?

This weekend we are taking a trip to a wedding down in GA. This is bad news for my sewing, but good news for my knitting! I hope to have some good progress photos on J’s socks (75% done the second sock!) and maybe even progress on my sweater. We will be staying outside of Atlanta, so there plans to check out the aquarium, meaning we will have then been to both the largest AND second largest aquariums in the world, eating at some delicious restaurants, maybe the Coca-Cola experience, dinner with a rubbernecker (or two) and if my family really loves me, a trip to Stitches South! So hopefully next week we will have a blog full of photos and less full of my rambling.

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