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Catching Up

While I am proud of myself for becoming a more consistent blogger, it gets frustrating when I find myself with too much to do, and not enough time to do it in. I had planned on getting three blog posts out this week, but then life caught up. I spent two very long days in the field, and another long day in the office. Getting home at 9pm to go to bed, then turning around and getting up at 4:30am to leave was rough. But! Enough whining. I wanted to share with everyone what I made this past weekend.

My first attempt at a box bag. I’ve always thought these bags were adorable, but was too intimated by the obvious skill they required, to make one. Turns out they aren’t really that difficult at all. This was a first run in many, many ways. The bag turned out smaller than I had planned, while the strap turned out much bigger than I expected. It makes the whole thing look a bit disproportionate. But it’s a learning experience, and now I know what to do differently next time!








 I have wanted to share this project for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to getting a photo of it. This is a quillow I made for my stepdaughter at Christmas. It’s made with Disney princess fabric- the main princesses on the pink side, and Cinderella on the blue side. She loved it, and immediately put it on her bed to use at night. I love quillows. They are such an easy project to make, and convenient for families who travel a lot (such as ours). I still have the quillow I made myself 15 years ago! Sidenote: I can’t believe I made it 15 years ago. Wow.




















I also finished a wallet to match the purse I made a few weeks ago. I really, really love this fabric. I love vintage images, and the romanticism in the fabric is so sweet. The wallet turned out pretty well. I’m still working on some problem issues with them, but it’s getting better. Next up: A Star Trek wallet for myself!










 This weekend will probably be a knitting/ spinning weekend. We are heading up to the lake, and trying to bring all the sewing supplies gets to be a hassle. I may take up fabric to cut, but that will be it. I also need to get to work on my final! paper for my first graduate level class. That’s not terrifying at all. Plus put together a presentation on it, to give in three weeks. Luckily, there will be no fieldwork for a while, so hopefully I can divide my time between crafting and schooling a bit more evenly.

Oh, I almost forgot the most exciting news of all! My new project tags came in! I love the way they look. I ordered them  off etsy. The shipping was pricey, but it was really worth it. They are a bit large, though. I need to find smaller tags for items like the wallet and smaller bags.

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Feeling a Bit Overwhelmed

Some days I feel like I will never finish this sock pattern. I am about to finish knitting a sock in this pattern for the fourth time, but resulting in only two completed socks. I still have two more to go in this pattern. It’s to the point where I almost don’t need to look at the chart for this, and that’s saying something. It’s not a completely straightforward chart for me.

J’s first sock finally has the toe grafted and is all set to be blocked. I’m casting on his second sock tonight. My goal is to get this finished by mid-April. That is going to take some dedication on my part, and some monogamous knitting. I can’t wait to get back to my poor sweater. It’s been ignored for months while I try and get these socks sorted out. After this pair, I still need to start his 2013 Birthday socks. He won’t be getting those until August at this rate.

I’m still working on bags for Rock Solid Designs. I need to focus on items that branch out past knitters, initially. I need to build a solid customer base around here, and I’m not entirely sure how to do that. I’m in the process of applying for doing business under a fictitious name, then I have to complete the tax paperwork. I want to apply for Jubilee Day this summer and have a booth there, but logistically I just don’t think I can get all the legal side taken care of and crank out enough product to have a decent looking booth in time. I don’t need to turn in the application until May, so I guess I’ll just keep working on things and see if life aligns enough to let me take advantage of this opportunity.

In the meantime, I have now ordered labels for my handmade items, and business cards are in the works! I still need to finish tweaking the website, and update some items (the knitting patterns will be moving over there shortly). It’s a lot of work, but I’m excited to be doing it. I’m also still working on classes this spring. I’m a bit stressed that work is going to cause a huge conflict, causing me to either beg my professors to let me work out an alternative plan, or take an incomplete and finish the courses over the summer. I really do not want to do either, and would rather just finish this semester up without a hitch. I knew getting into this there could be conflicts with work, however at the time there were no extended out of town jobs in the works for us. I’m trying not to stress about it until I hear something definite, but it’s hard.

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Birthdays and Bags

About 3 years ago, a close friend of mine decided to try her hand at knitting. We were living in different areas at the time, so it wasn’t my influence that encouraged her. She has been progressing very well with her knitting lately. When I think about it, I try to send her a yarn or knitting related gift. I saw a pin on pinterest the other day of a knitting emergency box, and immediately thought it would be great. It’s not expensive or time-consuming, but it is super cute. Thoughts?

Knitting Emergency









Of course, I want one for myself, but why would I put yarn into a box for myself? It’s not like I already have an unhealthy collection, and I doubt J would let me display a case of yarn on the wall. Although, if I did one in our living room colors…

My other project lately is working on bags for my business. It has officially moved over to Anyway, I wrapped up a prototype for a padded project bag today.







Later this week I want to try my hand at a padded box bag, and padded spindle bag.  I’m also going to work on a wallet to match this purse I made last week.

In the meantime, my knitting is still all J’s socks, all the time. I’m starting to really wonder if I will get this thing done in time for his birthday in May. 

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So Much Time…

And yet I have gotten so little done this week. 

I am currently dividing my time between working full-time and taking classes for my Master’s program part-time in the evenings. This week is spring break- a week I have been looking forward to for months now. I planned out all the things I would get made, all the housework I would get done, and the baking. Oh, the baking I would do.

Unfortunately, none of that seems to have happened. Oh I got some things done. I am finally caught up on laundry (for a day), and we got floors mopped and couches cleaned and vacuumed. my craft area has been organized for the first time in weeks, and I have gone to bed at a reasonable hour, but my crafting doesn’t seem to be benefiting from this extra time at all. It seems I’m convinced that spring break days have more hours than normal days. Apparently that’s not true? Hm. Someone needs to work on that for me.

I have been working slowly on J’s sock. The heel has been turned, and I am now working on the gusset. I did get one bag sewn and listed for sale on my website, but that is it. Work has stepped up so much this week that by the time I get home, I need something brainless to do. 

I do want to share something exciting. This past weekend was mine and J’s first wedding anniversary. We decided that each year, we will exchange traditional gifts. My gift to J was a print of the original Star Trek Enterprise, shaped out of quotes from the show. 

His gift to me? He has been secretly scanning all of my knitting magazines. Every single one of them. I have been collecting magazines from two subscriptions for 5 years now, plus random older issues or different companies here and there from swaps. It must be about 40 or 50 magazines, and each one takes him two hours to do. How amazingly sweet is that gift?! I knew I chose well. ;)

This weekend we are heading once again to the lake. Spinning has been seriously ignored by me lately, so my plan is to only take spinning and knitting with me this weekend. No homework, no sewing, just yarny stuff. 

What activities do you look forward to when you get extra time off?

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Late Valentines

J and I have a Valentine’s tradition. Every year, I buy nothing, and every year, he makes me chocolate covered raspberries. This has been our tradition every year that we have been in the same time zone (mailing these would get messy). The one rule he has is that I am not allowed to help. I can supervise, since baking isn’t his forte, but I am not allowed to lift one finger. Twist my arm, darling.

Here are some photos from his delicious gift.











Now, off to eat my delicious raspberries!

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