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Playing Catch-Up

Here we are again, back with intermittent blogging. I’ve been pretty busy lately between work and preparing for my trip halfway around the world, so not much blogging progress has been made. I have been making some impressive progress on knitting. I finally finished my grandmothers mittens:

which you know, were for Christmas last year. Speaking of last year Christmas presents, I also finally finished the hat for my little brother. this is the PSU Hat, designed by myself. It is reversible, with one side being white with blue letters, and the other side being blue with white letters. It’s available as a ravelry download and will be available here as soon as I get this site formatted. In the meantime, here’s a photo of the white side of the hat.

I’ve made a lot of progress on my knitting goals for this year. My number one goal this year was to finish all the WIPs I have been ignoring for way too long. as of this time, I am down to only 2 WIPs from 2009 (out of 12. that’s progress. go me!), and have been able to complete a number of other projects in the meantime. My favorite non-goal project this year is my Hoodie Vest:

this is easily my favorite fall and winter top. It was a quick and simple knit, and an easy to follow chart. I am tempted to knit another one.

So there’s a mini-update on my knitting. I have two patterns for sale that I will be getting up on here shortly, and one free download. Check them out!

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