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Knit a Merry Christmas

Hey all, here’s another quick post (I promise I’ll do one with content soon). I found out about this endeavor through Wendy’s blog, and thought it was such a good venture, that I wanted to help get the info out. Lynne, a fellow knitter, has a daughter who has recently taken command of a Navy ship. Lynne wants to send a care package to all the sailors of her daughters ship, many of whom are spending months away from family. Those of you who have been in the military, or have family members in the military know how hard it is to spend Christmas away from those you love. Lynne is asking for 278 knit hats by November 1. As of last week she had only received 27. I know it is awful late to be passing on the news, but I don’t doubt it can happen! I am going to crank out a few hats this week, and I would love for fellow knitters to help out as well!

Detailed information from Lynne about the project can be found here.

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Quick Question

I promise more substantial blogging tonight. But right now, important question:

would you pay someone to design a personalized pattern? (nothing like a sweater, etc. but maybe a shawl, or hat, or socks, to your specifications). This would be for those that have an idea, but just cannot translate it to a design.

secondly: would you pay someone to knit a pattern designed personally for you? ( for example, a hat of a favorite sports team). This would obviously be more costly, but I think would be worth the cost for something totally unique and 100% personalized.

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Where did summer go?

I absolutely love fall. It is by far my favorite season. in honor of fall, I have been attempting to finish many half-finished WIPs laying around, and get some designs out the door. My first design is complete and now available for purchase! Team Spirit is an easy but interesting sock. I originally designed it specifically for Josh, but so many people liked the cables and especially the ribbing around the arch of the foot that I decided to write it up and offer it. You can purchase it as an immediate ravelry download, or use the paypal button over there on the right to purchase the pattern and get the pattern as a PDF.

Here are some beautiful photographs of the sock (courtesy of SCMProfessor)

These socks are a great unisex pattern, and since they are knit with a sportweight yarn, they fly off your needles!

But what else have I been up to in the past, oh 5 months? A lot. Unfortunately, most of it was work. The hours have been ridiculously long, but at least I am getting some overtime pay. I am still finding time here and there to get some knitting done. I finished my Sahara (thankfully before summer ended and I could wear it at least once!). It knit up so quickly, and turned out absolutely gorgeous! the cotton/silk blend of the Dalegarn Svale is very splitty, but makes a very nice drapy fabric.

…ok, so when I post it in here, it skews the photo. I swear I am not that wide! I’ll find a better photo.

next up was a shawl. I got serious startitis after finishing Sahara and was desperate for something interesting to knit. I had some Dizzy Blonde Studio’s yarn from the mean girls yarn club, so I tried to find a pattern for it. La Cumparsita was designed using her yarn, and it was so gorgeous I had to cast it on immediately. Now if any of you kept track of how long my last shawl took, it would seem I am still working on this. Yeah…I finished it in eight days. That pattern was addicting! It turned out absolutely lovely and I am seriously considering knitting it again.

I have also been spinning, but I’ll save that for another day  :) It is a dreary fall day here, so Penny and I are going to make some soup to keep us warm. The new apartment gets quite chilly already!

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