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New Year’s Knitting Resolution

Well, for the New Year I have made only one single resolution- to finish all my WIPs before casting on a new project. The reason for this? I have a sweater and two shawls that I have been pointedly ignoring, but desperately want to finish them. Knowing me, the only way that will happen is if I am not allowed to start anything new. So, to begin this process, here are pictures of the biggest WIPS to be completed:

To start, the first finished project!

Log Cabin Socks

These were done 6 months ago, but I missed a cable on a sock, so the second one was a good two inches shorter than the first. I was so cranky with it, I hid them and ignored them for a long while. But today, I finally sat down, ripped it back, and fixed them!

Next, The Cabin Rose socks.

I have had too many other gift projects going, and since these were for me, I kept putting them off. Today however, I finished the heel flap, turned the heel, and started gusset decreases on the second sock. WOO!

Can I just say, I love Claudia Handpaint yarns? I know some people aren’t a huge fan of how they wear, but I have never had problems when washing them, and the colors are so absolutely beautiful.

Third, the Ohio State socks.
these were supposed to be a Christmas present for The Boy, but I fell behind in working on them, plus went a little overboard on buying him presents. So, the new due date for them is Valentine’s Day. I mean, what is more romantic than socks on Valentines?

I really only have half a foot to finish, and since these are sport weight, they should go fairly quickly.

Fourth, my swallowtail shawl. This was supposed to be for the Marine Corps ball originally. Whoops.

It only has 13 more rows to go, and then blocking. Honestly if I sit down and work on it, I would be done relatively quickly. Those long rows just bore me so much.

Fifth, Cardigan for Arwen. this should really be first, since it is my oldest WIP. It also has very little to finish, just most of a sleeve and then half the hood. I am hoping to have it done by March, when it should make a nice cool weather cardigan.

Sixth is Riding to Avalon.

I started this one back in the summer, but screwed it up so many times that I got frustrated with it. This sweater has had a total of 10″ knit on it, with a net progress of about 5″. I want to finish it this spring, so I have it for next fall.

Sorry for the very monotonous post! I need to write it down to make sure I get these done though, and hopefully keeping track on the blog will keep me accountable.

However, it is now time to finish watching my Big Ten dominate their bowl games today. I am so proud of them!

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