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We interrupt this silence to bring you a post

Sorry to be absent for so long- about a month and a half ago I picked up a lot of fieldwork and have only been home about two nights a week. Add traveling to Ohio almost every weekend for wedding activities, and that means little knitting time, let alone blogging time.
There was some progress on my knitting though. I finished one blackrose sock. I have not cast on for the second yet (I get distracted easily) but I love the pattern!

I am still working on my Cardigan for Arwen-I am maybe 1/5 of the way done the right half. I love the pattern and the sweater, I just get bored so easily that working on it doesn’t happen. (I am a bit of a knitting skank. I jump around a lot).

I am also halfway done a pair of Log Cabin socks for a friend in Texas. It is knit in a 50/50 alpaca wool, so while that is not good for texas, it is great for when he is out doing fieldwork in Washington. I have started the second sock of this and am already through the first set of cables. I like the pattern, it is easy to memorize and execute. I may make a pair for myself soon.

And, for good measure, some of the pictures from the wedding!
My closest friend from high school married her high school sweetheart this past weekend. It was a lovely wedding inside the gorgeous St. Mary’s Chapel in downtown Dayton. I could not be happier for the two of them. they are a wonderful couple and I sincerely wish them the best, and am honored to have been included in their special day. So, congratulations Mr. and Mrs. John Ross!

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